What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is, put simply, wood that has been taken from somewhere else. It’s mostly from an older structure such as fences or floors from antique houses, that has been reused for a new home. The old wooden structure is demolished, the wood is cleaned and treated and then it gets installed in the new area.

The wooden roof of an old barn can become the floor for a kitchen, or the plank from an old bench can become a new kitchen table. Having reclaimed wood not only helps the environment but also adds a charm to the home when the history behind the wood is considered.

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One holed piece of wood could have a massive story to tell, and knowing where the wood is from, such as reclaimed wood portland or, can tell you a lot about what it was used for and how old it is – which is fascinating for history lovers!

To find reclaimed wood, all you need to do is search for it. There are specialized dealers who know all the ins and outs of reclaimed wood, sellers online who want to get rid of some of their antique wooden products, and reclaimed wood can be bought from several chain hardware stores.

However, be prepared to ask some tough questions about the wood if you don’t get it from a certified seller. It is still old wood and needs to be tested for rot, bugs, and its structural integrity. No one wants to fall through an old wooden floor or have a chair shatter under them!

If the reclaimed wood you find has no issues, then it can really spruce up a home and give your family a rustic and historical vibe, especially when it is combined with a crackling fireplace and a good story.